Wojtek Zajac [ˈvɔi̯tɛk]


My name is Wojtek Zając1, and I’m a software engineer. Originally based in Kraków, Poland, I've been traveling extensively since 2010. Eventually—in 2015—I’ve sold some of my bigger possessions, left everything else behind and became a digital nomad.

My professional work is mostly related to front-end development which I got into in the early 2000’s.

Within Front-End, I specialise in Web Accessibility and I’ve given several workshops and presentations on the topic. In 2005, I've published the first course of Polish Sign Language available online. Since then, I've been working with major Universities in U.S., UK and Australia, govermental insitutions and private companies on making sure their websites comply with accessibility regulations.

Over time, I became accustomed to working in teams of different sizes and shapes, both as a member and leader. That includes fully distributed (remote-first) groups, physical offices with satellite workers, multi-site groups spread between different continents, and traditional single-site teams. I've also founded and been running a local office for 4 years scaling it up to 18 people. All of these experiences gave me an unique perspective into the dynamics of every model behind remote work and into various kinds of communication patterns.

Currently, my interests revolve around technical leadership and best ways to foster company culture that leverages remote working and asynchronous communication.

Featured clients

Twitter, Kaplan Inc., FOX Broadcasting Company, Riot Games, Rogers Media, Threadless

Recommended stack

React, Redux, TypeScript, Styled Components, CSS Modules, Web Accessibility, Storybook, Jest, Cypress



  • Euler Labs

    Tech Lead UI/UX

    Feb 2022 - now

  • Kaplan, Inc.

    Lead Front-End Engineer

    Jan 2015 – Mar 2021

  • Fox Broadcasting Company

    Senior Front-end Engineer

    Jul 2010 – Dec 2014

  • Xfive.co / X-Team

    Senior Front-end Engineer

    Jul 2006 – Jul 2010


  • World is your office

    Co-founder, partner

    Jun 2018 – Jan 2019

  • Fox Broadcasting Company

    Team Lead

    Sep 2013 - Dec 2014

  • Xfive.co

    Branch Manager

    Nov 2010 – Dec 2014

* Through X-Team

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